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22nd Annual celebration of Luk Tung Kuen Association in Hong Kong, October 2008

(Updated on 11/30/2008)

On October 26th, 2008, the Luk Tung Kuen Association of Hong Kong, founded by Mrs. Ha Kinh held a 22nd anniversary celebration in Ming Du Restaurant at Admiralty, Wanchai, Hong Kong. This was attended by 1000 guests including dignitaries like Mr. Lee Kok Keung, chairman of the Luk Tung Kuen Association Ltd. Of Hong Kong and Mrs. Regina Ip, of Legislative Council of Hong Kong and a long time supporter of the Luk Tung Kuen exercise.

New officers elected to the board included Mr. Yu Tai Wai, Principal of Yan Chai Hospital No. 2 Secondary School who has been promoting the LTK exercise to his staff and parents of the students

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