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On October 19 th of 2007, six instructors visited Yan Chai Hospital No. 2 Secondary School in Tuen Mun to demonstrate Luk Tung Kuen(LTK). We were accompanied by the principal, Yu Tai Wai, to an assembly hall; and there was a gathering of 100 teachers from Form 1 to Form 7 together with the students. Mrs. Poon, Mrs. Lun, Mrs. Kwok Chan Po Chu took to the stage while Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Chow and I mixed amongst the students for the LTK demonstration. At the end, they enjoyed the exercise so much that they contemplated of adding LTK into their physical education (PE) curriculum. So that the youth can, perhaps, teach their parents and grand-parents.

We loved the red banner they made and the sweet coconut desserts they served. But above all, we remembered their hospitality in receiving our group. Our many thanks to them and hope that they will assist in spreading the LTK exercise and its motto - “HEALTH is WEALTH” to the world.


(Updated on 10/31/2007)

Luk Tung Kuen in Yan Chai Hospital - October 2007

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