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A visit to Toronto LTK – September 14 to 16, 2007

We paid a special visit to two groups of LTK enthusiasts in Mississauga, whom we became acquainted and communicated with through the LTK website a year ago.

Both groups perform their exercises seven days a week starting at 9 AM. One group, under the leadership of Mrs. Anita So, does the exercise despite snowy conditions. To be admired…they bundle up and complete the exercise outdoor, alongside the River Grove Community Center…"we tread gently and no one has fallen."

The two groups discovered each other through information found on the LTK website and they now visit with each other.

Virginia Fatyas, a very enthusiastic LTK practitioner, learned the exercise from Mrs. Hon’s group at Century City Park in 2001. Today, Virginia shares her daily practice alternating within both sites and provides assistance in English, whenever needed. At this site (Century City Park) approximately ten to fifteen active participants sing the Luk Tung Kuen song after the daily exercise.

Over the two day period, we exercised, shared our knowledge and sought to master the movements in order not to deviate from Ha Kinh’s original instructions. It was a rewarding trip.

(Updated on 9/30/2007)


Toronto - September 2007

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