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Movement 1: Hands Open Door#1 手開門

There are three parts to this movement.

Part 1:

You begin by bringing your two hands from the side of your body to behind your back, keeping your arms straight and fingers stretched out – there should be one foot of space between the two hands. Feel the power in your arms as you bring them back.

Next, bring your arms forward, keeping them straight in front of you and lace your fingers together. Extend your arms by stretching from your shoulders forward. Take a deep breath through your nose. Bite down on your back teeth; count "one" aloud and then release the bite. Repeat for three times.

Part 2:

Next, you flip your palms out, keeping your arms stretched out. Bite gently down on your back teeth and count 3 times – one..two..three – with a deep breath in between counts.

Bring your hands (keeping it laced) back to your chest for ten times. Be sure to count as you do the movement. By counting, you are breathing and expanding your lungs and increasing your intake of oxygen. This is good for you and is a major part of the exercise.

Part 3:

Next, hold your hands (fingers still interlock) at your chest and keeping your legs straight, press your hands down above your feet for ten counts. Be sure to stand back up straight after each bend. Bend just as low as your back allows – do not over exert yourself if you have back problems. All the exercises are supposed to be done at your comfort level and at your speed. It is acceptable for you to stop short of the ten counts if you have difficulty and it is perfectly fine for you to adjust the speed and the vigor that you put into each movement. The most important issue is not to change the format of the exercise and the order of each movement.