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Luk Tung Kuen - Movements 1 to 36

The entire Luk Tung Kuen Exercise is composed of 36 movements. Each movement has its own pattern and each is required to repeat between 5 to 10 times.

You can click on each picture below to open a new window which gives you the detailed description of each exercise.

If you know all 36 exercises, you can play the video - in English - and follow along for the entire exercise program.

Teaching video

Zoom class

Courtesy of Evelyn Ting Individual video youtube

Ha Kinh demonstration in 2006 in San Mateo youtube

Christmas Eve 2020 with Evelyn

CAUTION: If you have any physical disabilities or health problems you should consult with your physician or health care provider before undertaking the prescribed exercise steps.

Hand Open 1 Hand Open 2 Hand Crossing Hand Straight Rotate Wrists Beauty Looking at Mirror
Cycling Style Legs Exercise Swat Exercise Hands Exercise Strengthening Arms and Legs Crab Style
Hands Up and Down Windmill Style Hands Push Out Yam-Yeung Style Breathing Exercise Shovel Style
Hands Straight Swingout Single Hand Strike Out Waist and Tummy Exercise Legs Kicking Jumping Jacks Eagle Style
Changing Breath Eyes Exercise Neck Exercise Rotating Waist Stretch Hands Exercise Covering Ears
Arching the Waist Light Jogging Neck and Waist Exercise Knees Exercise One Leg Stand Posture #36

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