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(By Master Ha Kinh)

Movement 12: Crab Style 蟹狀式

There are three parts to this movement.

First, your arms – you fold your arms in front of your body, the right arm cradled into the left arm, elbows are folded. Hold the arms at shoulder height. You would pull the arms to the side with some force, keeping the level (height).

Second, your legs – on count one, you lift your heels and on second count you drop your heels. Legs are together on this exercise.

Third, your head – On count two, you turn your head to left side thereby stretching the right thyroid gland. Each movement is 3 counts. The next count two, you will turn your head to right side thereby stretching the left thyroid gland.

All put together, you rise on your heels and put out your arms straight in front of you, holding a fist with fingers folded into your thumbs. This is Count One. On count two, you would look to the left shoulder and pull your cradled arms apart for two counts – count two and three. You would have dropped your heel on count two.

You repeat with the right side…so the counting goes One..two..three; Two..two..three; Three..two..three; Four..two..three