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(By Master Ha Kinh)

Movement 17: Breathing Exercise 吸氣
(Lifting up the Rock 搬大石)

This is a breathing movement that is different from what you normally do. You breathe in through the mouth and brearhe out through the nose. To breathe in, you pretend to suck on a straw with the tip of your tongue pressing on the roof of the mouth. And then, you exhale air through your nose.

Stand with feet apart as wide as your shoulders. Drop your hands and swing your arms backward at your side ONCE. Circle your arms forwards by bringing and raising them straight up over your head. Bend forward from your waist and keep your arms straight while bringing them down in front towards your shoe top. Point your fingers of each hand as if you are ready to lift a rock. As you bend down, breathe in through your mouth like sucking on a straw as mentioned above. As you come up, bring your hands up - fingers to fingers - until they reach the level of your chin. Meanwhile, exhale air through your nose. Hold the palms of your hands together in front of your face like a mirror and flip out and back quickly. Drop your hands and swing your arms backwards at your side TWICE. Repeat this rock lifting exercise 10 times.