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(By Master Ha Kinh)

Movement 21: Waist and Tummy Exercise

This is quite complicated as it involves a lot of hand and arm positioning and using strength in your fingers.

  • First you place your right foot forward and open your right palm and extend your fingers on your right palm on the right side of your body.
  • Bring the palm up in a circle pointing the fingers to the right foot.
  • Flip your right palm up and bring it to level with your shoulder but extended out.
  • Immediately use force and flip your palm outward with thumb down and make a circle back to your waist to the right side.

Repeat with left hand and bring the left hand to your right foot. Bring the palm up and then flip your palm with thumb down and make a circle back to left waist.

After ten counts, each count composes of one up circle, two up circle….you would change foot forward to left feet forward and right hand over.