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(By Master Ha Kinh)

Movement 6: Beauty Looking at the Mirror 美人照鏡

Place your left foot in front of the right, hold your left palm in front of your face and treat it as a mirror. Pivot your left foot using the ball of that foot (do not lift your toes) and follow up with your right foot also using the ball of your foot to turn to the right (make only a quarter turn at 90 degrees). Be sure your body is all lined up and not twisted. As you pivot, you bring out the new mirror which is your right hand and cross behind the left hand just below the wrist. Next you will be moving your old mirror (left hand) to behind your back as you pivot back to the first position. Repeat ten times.

TIPS: Whichever foot is forward, whichever hand is the mirror. Hold your hand (mirror) one foot away from your face.