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(By Master Ha Kinh)

Movement 11: Fist Throwing 扎馬打拳

This is also called “Luk Tung” in Chinese which is the name of the entire exercise.

You assume the crouching position, positioning your feet apart as wide as your shoulders, knees bent slightly forward. Bring hands from the side to the back of your body on the side, then bring forward in a straight line, fold your fingers over your thumb (assume Luk Tung Kuen fist), then bring the elbows with fist in in-line with your side. Turn your body to the left side by moving from waist up to shoulder.

Next, bring your right arm with folded fist up in front of your face so that you are looking straight at your elbow. Bring the right arm down in front of you between the two legs. This is done with a bit of power.

Next, return your right arm back to the up position with elbow in front of your nose and on the third count, you relax your right arm to the side, still holding a fist and bring back to the hip as you turn to the right side to repeat the exercise. When you turn to right side, you do not move your feet, only from your waist up to your shoulders.

To recap, count one is only when you drop the arm in front of you and between the two legs; second count is when you lift your arm and third count is when you relax your arm to the side of your body.