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Article By John Voigt

LUK TUNG KUEN (LTK) is the Cantonese name for 3 Chinese characters – 六通拳 . It is also called LTK for short. It is a form of exercise which comprises of 36 movements involving all parts of the human body with the purpose of promoting circulation of blood and strengthening nerves and muscles. Some movements brighten the eyes, promote coordination, normalize blood pressure and improve memory. The first word “LUK” means six. Six parts of the body are the two arms, two legs, the body and the head. The second word “TUNG” means circulation. The third word “ KUEN” is fist – the LTK fist is folding your thumb into the palm of your hand and wrapping the other four fingers over the thumb. This positioning of the hand brings power and strength to the movements. is a website fully dedicated to serve as a non-profit entity. It emphasizes on Master Ha Kinh’s mission to bring Luk Tung Kuen, free of charge, to all people regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, educational or economic background. The sole purpose is to promote good health for those who practice Luk Tung Kuen diligently.

This website is funded and maintained by volunteers. It does not advertise nor promote sales of merchandise for profits.

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